Training and support to develop your organization



These days, companies have no choice but to deal with quick changes in their commercial and market context. They have to take on challenges in new markets in which they have no prior experience, or continually bring their current techniques up-to-date with market tendencies. Both managers and their teams can sometimes find themselves in these situations without the experience or the knowledge required for success.


Do you need to reinforce the technical capacity of your team?


Do you need to change your organization’s culture and values?


Do you need to strengthen your marketing or sales team without enlarging your structure?


Do you need a specialist who trains and supports your team in carrying out a concrete project?


Do you need to check your business plans with a professional with ample, varied experience?


Has training never given you the desired results before?


DevelOPP helps companies develop the talent and knowledge they need to successfully take on a new project, as well as to train their team in the specific field requiring development.

Management support: We offer quick results through the right professionals for the project. The objective is to gain access to the necessary experience, contacts, and knowledge, without having to grow the structure of the company or carry out long and costly selection processes and/or interim management.

Training: Our approach is through the experience we’ve acquired as managing businesses in diverse sectors and cultures – that is, as clients ourselves of training programs. This perspective allows us to understand the keys for training that are actually effective, capable to develop knowledge inside the organization and change team attitudes.


Management support

We use various approaches:

Acompañamiento directivo

We work side by side with the management and their team to contrast and support them in their decisions. We keep close through periodic meetings or participating as consultants in the decision processes already in place in the business.

Supporting a concrete project

In this case, we work hand-in-hand with those responsible for the project, normally all the way from the initial phases through implementation. In this way, the company has access to a specialized professional in that field, ensuring rapid progress. At the same time, this professional trains the management responsible for the project (through “learning by doing“) so that they’ll be able to take charge of the project themselves.

Support for the marketing and innovation department

In this kind of support plan, we become a part of the marketing and/or innovation departments, making use of our experience in management, technical aspects of the project, and our cross-sectional vision. It could take the form of a timely support system for a concrete project, or as an element of creating new dynamics, inspiration, or contrast with the activity of the marketing/innovation department.


We always work with ad hoc training, adjusting our methodology to each organization and objective.

We apply trying to specific topics by means of workshops or participatory sessions. The most popular kinds are:

  • Idea generation techniques
  • Applied creativity in a project
  • Design Thinking
  • Innovation
  • Business plans

  • Marketing plans
  • Branding and packaging
  • Marketing mix – Products
  • Marketing mix – Services
  • Gaining and retaining clients

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