Putting the client in the center of our organization



We bring innovation and rationalization to sales and distribution policies. We find the right ways to enter new markets and retain the distributors and/or the final client.


How do we get new clients? How can we retain them?


How can we determine what our pricing policy should be?


Do we have enough members on our sales force? What about their profiles and functional outline?


How do we define and follow our sales force goals?


How do we create an incentive plan that works?


How can we explore sales opportunities through other channels?


We know how important it is to put the client in the center of our strategy and operations, and we also know that it’s no simple task to achieve it.


To do so, we must meticulously analyze the characteristics and behavior of our clientele and develop an adequate commercial and marketing plan for each segment. Above all, we have to make certain we mobilize our teams in the right direction.


Sales optimization is done through understanding the playing field through interviewing clients, assessing the sales network, or supporting negotiation processes, among others.

We work on the following aspects:


Once our target client is clear and we’ve identifyied the right market segment, we revise and design the best way to capture market share. We distill the most relevant information for the business or external client. We help the business to understand the market dynamic and the customer experience that we want to project. Finally, we design proactive techniques to retain our client that encourage repeat purchases and cross-selling.


Price positioning and discounting policies can affect our strategy in both the short and the long term. When we decide on the right price, we have to keep in mind the sustainability of our business (our costs) and the competition force. However, apart from mere tactical decisions, we take into account perceived value on the part of the client. This depends on mechanisms of communication, reasoning, and of course, business negotiations.


Much of success hinges on effective use of the sales force. In addition to having the right personal profiles to accomplish the job, we also must consider their motivation, follow-up, and plan of operation as fundamental to achieve the desired results.

In this area, we use our experience to increase efficiency, measure and incentivize the sales network, and correctly define channel strategies.


The market context is always evolving, creating new channels where we need to reach our target – or perhaps we simply don’t know how to diversify. This is an exercise in innovation within the company that requires detailed segmentation and focus. In addition, we may not be used to the new ways in which we establish relationships with intermediaries and final clients. That’s why it’s so necessary to have an extensive plan to profitably cover cross-channel positioning.


Measuring and controlling isn’t an end in itself, but rather another means of facilitating right results. DevelOPP helps in the internal communication process of the sales process as well as putting it into practice. That’s why we collaborate in the revising and design of the planning process, as well as of the internal measuring instruments that identify the relevant KPIs, deploying this information throughout the organization.

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