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A marketing plan is the key tool a company uses to find its way to success in the market. Used well, it allows you to orient your organization towards clear objectives and actions to obtain outstanding positioning relevant to your offer. It ensures that you stay connected with what’s happening in the market so that you can detect opportunities and new trends in advance.


Many organizations need to potentiate their market focus, to place their client in the center of their organization, and to revise the profitability of their commercial actions.

Are your marketing expenses achieving the desired commercial results?
Do you have a solid and growing market share?
Does your price and promotion strategy allow you to connect with and keep new consumers in a profitable way?
Do you incentivize and promote retention profitably?
How does the consumer perceive your brand and value proposition compared to the competition?


We collaborate with your company to put together a pragmatic, oriented to action marketing plan.

Our plan will:

ORIENT your entire organization towards clear objectives and actions to gain an optimal positioning with regards to what you offer.

CONNECT: Ensure that you're connected with what’s happening in the market, detecting opportunities and anticipating profitable new trends.

FIND the most successful way to go after market POTENTIAL.

DIFFERENTIATE: Design a differential, profitable, and coherent marketing mix for your brand, product, or service.

ACTIVATE: Define concrete commercial objectives and market share target for your project, along with a budgeted action plan and calendar, mobilizing your organization.


Our work focuses as much on concrete projects as it does on rethinking global brand positioning and market presence.


We’re also able to limit our scope to specific marketing mix actions:

  • Development of new concepts and products/services
  • Brand strategy
  • Market research
  • Packaging and communication
  • Revising pricing policies by channel

  • Consumer promotions
  • Channel promotion
  • Motivational plans for sales teams
  • Revitalization of distribution channels
  • Point of sales actions

  • Digital positioning
  • Media strategy and planning
  • Customer loyalty campaigns
  • Establishing marketing information systems

Standard phases of the process

  • Information

    Reviewing internal and external information: business, products/services, sales strategy, market, clients/users, competition and reference sectors.

  • Analisys

    To understand the strong points, opportunities, areas for improvement, and threats (SWOT).

  • Strategy

    Establishing a value proposition with regards to the market and your strategic objectives. Differential positioning and brand identity.

  • Marketing Mix

    Design and definition of Product, Price, Distribution, Communication, and Promotion. Design of the customer experience.

  • Action plan

    Summarize actions to be taken, necessary structure, calendar of events, and budget. Objectives of market share, sales, and P&L over the course of the next three years. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and tracking systems.

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