“The best way to predict the future is to invent it” - Peter Drucker



Strategic innovation can help your business compete more successfully in the market, without depending on price and promotion as the only encouragement Incentivesfor clients. You’ll end up with new customers and more customer loyalty.


Does your revenue growth strategy depend entirely on price and promotion?
Are you pulling off successful launches each year in terms of both sales and profit margin?
How many of the products in your portfolio are unique, differentiated, and commercially successful?
Do you need to identify new business opportunities?
Do you want to encourage innovation in the culture of your business?


The DevelOPP team specializes in the detection and development of business opportunities. We use innovation as a tool to compete in the most profitable way through generating differentiated commercial proposals that increases customer loyalty.


Our plans are based emphasizing business:

  • With with development plans that incorporate into a viable economic model.
  • Where creativity is one of the necessary precursors to innovation, but it isn’t enough on its own. From the start, each project should incorporate commercialization criteria, plus the profitability necessary to achieve market success.


We adapt our work to your needs:


  • In company: Alongside your team, we develop projects for innovation that give rise to successful, differentiated products and/or services. We also change the team culture through ad hoc “learning by doing.” In this way, we convert innovation into a working tool that lasts beyond one specific project in your organization.
  • As an external department: We establish relationships between projects, and we put our experience and methodology to work for you, involving ourselves with the results and providing a flexible pricing structure for your company.


We concentrate on creating opportunities, detecting what’s relevant and converting it into a viable business model according to the following three concepts:

  • Research + Observation

  • We use market research as a means to get started, but also to deeply understand the types of purchases according to ethnographic techniques in order to detect market tendencies, lifestyles, what clients truly value, and unresolved needs.
  • Creativity + Prototyping

  • We apply techniques that come from Design Thinking, service design, and economy models (CANVAS) to develop concepts that we quickly turn into prototypes to validate on the market (Lean Innovation). The results drive us to keep iterating until we find the key differential product or service that’s relevant from a sales perspective.
  • Complete focus

  • Throughout the process, we consider every single one of the aspects comprising the commercial cycle: product and/or service, distribution, relationship with various channels, positioning, branding, communication, and client experience. At the same time, we also influence the team vision and the business culture.
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