How we orient your business for success



We analyse the current situation of the company, define objectives, and design strategic plans; it’s a highly productive process for the business if it’s carried out correctly.

It not only allows us to minimize the risks associated with all kinds of business, but it also has the power to focus team energy and goals towards a common objective. This process is so vital that doing it poorly runs the risk of converting team efforts into mere routine, sapping innovation and increasing levels of frustration within the organization.


Do we have a clear idea where our business is going and how we will get there?
Have I defined my value proposition? Do I know how to communicate it to the market?
Is our business model sustainable in the medium term?
Have we objectively analysed our competition? What are my competitive advantages?
Have we shared the strategic diagnosis with the team?

Do I have the resources I need to deal with challenges and opportunities? Is the team prepared?


Do I have an action plan and management systems to implement the strategy?


DevelOPP’s proposal is to accompany organizations in their process of value definition and development, ensuring a satisfying and productive experience.
We’re supported by wide experience taking on growth challenges, like creating new businesses from the ground up, launching new products and lines of service, and tacking new sales channels and countries. We combine the planning process with optimizing what structures already exist, as much in sales as in marketing:

  • Our focus seeks to give power to the organization during the whole process
  • We assure high levels of creativity when analyzing challenges from an open, global perspective
  • We seek alignment with stakeholders in the project, including possible differences in culture, hierarchy, or discipline
  • We maintain a pragmatic approach, emphasizing clarity in the expected results.


The guide we follow is adaptable to each individual situation. It’s not the same to propose an integral strategy to a consolidated business, for example, as it is to create a business model for entering into a new market sector driven by an emergent technology.

An efficient strategic planning process requires the following phases:


    • Analysis of market trends and competition
    • Description of internal variables of the product and/or the business
    • Development of vision, mission, and values
    • SWOT analysis, both internal and external
    • Key advantages and positioning
    • Business plan


    • WHO
      Market segments, client types, relationships and channels
    • WHAT
      Value proposition and competitive advantage
    • HOW
      Key activities, human resources, investors, industries, alliances
    • HOW MUCH
      Economic and funding viability, sources of income and cost structures


    • Define the objective and balanced scorecard
    • Plan the annual management cycle
    • Analyze and optimize tracking results
    • Support the board of directors in executing the plan and making decisions
    • Contingency plans and feedback

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